Exterior walls
2×6 framing , 16’’ center,  3/8 plywood with two 1 ½’’ventholes top/ bottom each stud space,  overlapping 30min building paper,  ¾ inch strapping , fiber cement board,  board and batten ,
R 28 Roxul insulation , vapour barrier ,½ ‘’ drywall not taped .
double-glaze vinyl windows .
Exterior:  Metal clad with window, deadbolt and handle, primed only
Interior: hollow slab doors interior knob handle , primed only
Ground floor : Double 2×8 frame with 2×8 joist 9 ½  feet span 16inches center, ¾ inch plywood, laminate flooring , vinyl in bath, R 28 roxull insulation.
Second floor: 2×6  joist  9 ½  feet span 16 inch center, ¾ inch plywood, laminate flooring ,
Open joist under in single unit houses .
Roxull  Safe and Sound insulation ,5/8 fire rated board ,in two unit cabins.
2×10 rafters to allow Roxull R42 insulation,½ inch plywood ,roofing paper, metal roof
2×6 joist and 2×6 decking, 2×4 railings  roof also available
Pad jacks
2feet x 2feet 3inch thick concrete pad with 20 inch high post to hold adjustable jacks. The concrete is reinforced with  bottom mesh 1 ½  inch from bottom, 4   3feet  ½ inch rebar from corner and up the post,
Boxes and conduit installed to central location with space for electrical panel.
Rough in plumbing for  drain

Transport information

Cabin would have a 7 feet inside height  on  first floor and 8 feet on second floor to peak. It  would come as a  wood container  L 24 Feet 3inches  W 10 Feet 3 inches  H 8 feet  4 inches + 8 inches (second floor gables and walls on top) Total transport height 9 feet  approximate  weight 12000 lbs  Roof and  other material packed inside Time on site 2 days

Site prep:

owner to provide  solid ground for pad down to desired crawl space 8 spots 3×3 wide

Price:  $18.000 framing and out side done — $65.000 ready to tape and paint. + transport and taxes

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